Angel Cheryl Brown Wins 2010 NY Pro Figure

NY PRO FIGURE PHOTO GALLERY Congrats to our Pro Angels who competed this weekend at the New York Pro Figure held in Hackensack, NJ!!  It was a huge show as usual but Pro Angel CHERYL BROWN brought an amazing physique to the stage & took the First  Place Trophy!!!!!   Pro Angel MERIZA DEGUZMAN did an awesome job taking 7th place honors & Pro Angel VICKI NIXON looked incredible making her pro figure debut after switching from the pro womens bodybuilding division!!  You ladies all looked amazing!!!!!!! [gallery link="file"] . NY PRO FIGURE 1. CHERYL BROWN *** 2. Dana Fallacara 3. Terri Turner 4. Josie Zamora 5. Gina Trochino 5. Gennifer Strobo 7. MERIZA DEGUZMAN *** 8. Ann Titone 9. Marcy Porter 10. Candice John 11. Jelena Abbou 12. Tivisay Briceno 13. Chelsey Morgenstern 14. Jennifer Migliacci 15. Holly Beck 16. VICKI NIXON *** 16. Jeni Briscoe 16. Rosalind Vanterpool 16. Stacy Wig 16. Magdalena Wilk 16. Jennifer Woodruff 16. Juliana Malacarne 16. Kimberle Trowbridge 16. Christina Casoni 16. Angela Mraz 16. Marie Newman 16. Jennifer Hernandez 16. Katherynne Ramirez 16. Caroline Hernandez 16. Tammy Strome 16. Michelle Mayberry 16. Nicole Coleman

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