Angel Amanda Latona Wins Musclecontest Pro Bikini

We want to say a huge congrats to Angel AMANDA LATONA who won the IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini this weekend in Culver City!  Awesome job Amanda!  And congrats to all our beautiful angels: CHRISTINA VARGAS, VANESSA PREBYL, MARY JO COOKE ELLIOTT & KELLY GONZALEZ for bringing their incredible polished physiques to the pro stage!! 1. AMANDA LATONA *** 2. Dina Al-Sabah 3. Abigail Burrows 4. Zhanna Rotar 5. Anca Marcus 6. CHRISTINA VARGAS *** 7. Leigh Brandt 8. VANESSA PREBYL *** 9. Jennifer Deitrick 10. Natalie Abrheim 11. MARY JO COOKE ELLIOTT *** 12. Laura Calderon 13. CHRISTIE MARQUEZ *** 14. Lindsey Morrison 15. KELLY GONZALEZ *** 16. Jennifer Pimentel [gallery link="file"]

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