Amanda Latona Wins 2013 Greater Gulf Pro Bikini in New Orleans

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CONGRATS to our Angels Pro Bikini Team for doing such an incredible job at the 2013 Greater Gulf States Bikini Pro in New Orleans! AMANDA LATONA won the the show and Angels AMY ALLEN, LIANA HAMILTON, & NARMIN ASSRIA were in Top Five! Eight Angels were in Top Ten placings!  We're so proud of all our Pro Angels!


1. Amanda Latona *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 2. Amy Allen *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 3. Liana Hamilton *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 4. Sarah LeBlanc 5. Narmin Assria *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 6. Ashley Cronley LeBlanc *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 7. Lacey DeLuca 8. Jessica Arevalo *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 9. Janelle Saitone-McGuire *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 10. Kathleen Tesori *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 11. Kelsie Burgin 12. Christie Marquez *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS  13. Cassandra Dubois 14. Summer White *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS

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