Amanda Latona Wins 2010 Sacramento Pro Bikini

2010 SACRAMENTO PRO BIKINI PHOTO GALLERY What an incredible weekend at the 2010 SACRAMENTO PRO BIKINI !!!  Angel AMANDA LATONA really outdid herself onstage & brought an amazing physique & fun presence that wowed the crowd!!!  Angels NATALIE PENNINGTON, VANESSA PREBYL & THERESA BYRNE all looked gorgeous with their polished presentations and incredible physiques!!  Everyone here at Body By O and all the fans are  so proud of our amazing IFBB Bikini Pros !!!!!! [gallery link="file" columns="4"] 1. AMANDA LATONA *** 2. Jessica Paxson-Putnam 3. NATALIE PENNINGTON *** 4. Laura Calderon 5. VANESSA PREBYL *** 6. Leigh Brandt 7. Safiya Johnson 8. Jennifer Dietrick 9. THERESA BYRNE *** 10. Sherlyn Roy 11. Nita Marquez

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