Allison Frahn Wins 2nd Place Trophy at 2013 Tahoe Pro Figure

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Congrats to our IFBB Pro Figure Oddo's Angel Team that competed this weekend up in Northern California at the 2013 IFBB TAHOE PRO FIGURE. Three of our Pro Figure Angels placed in the Top Five including ALLISON FRAHN who won the 2nd Place Trophy, VICTORIA ADELUS who won the 3rd Place Trophy & Julie Mayer-Hyman who won the 5th Place Trophy! KIMBERLY SHEPARD placed 12th & SASHA BROWN placed 16th. Great job ladies! We're very proud of our incredible IFBB FIGURE ODDO'S ANGELS TEAM!

2013 IFBB TAHOE PRO FIGURE RESULTS 1. Malory Halderman 2. Allison Frahn *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 3. Victoria Adelus *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 4. Latorya Watts 5. Julie Mayer Hyman *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 6. Wendy Fortino 7. Candice John 8. Carin Hawkins 9. Brooke Ericson 10. Jessie Hilgenberg 11. Inga Neverauskaite 12. Kimberly Shepard *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 13. Vickie Dowell 14. Alessandra Pinheiro 15. Margarita Charalm 16. Sasha Brown *** TEAM ODDO'S ANGELS 16. Kim Clark 16. Simone Mack 16. Essence Monet 16. Gloria Tarpley 16. Bojana Vaskijevic

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