IFBB Pro Angela Teixeira Wins the 2016 Salt City Pro Bikini

Olympia Qualified!! Congrats to IFBB Pro Angela Teixeira for winning the 2016 Salt City Showdown Pro Bikini in Utah this weekend! So proud of all our Angels including Christie Marquez for taking 2nd Place Trophy & Breena Martinez for taking 4th Place Trophy. Marites Miller placed 7th & Jaclyn Wilson placed 14th. Great job everyone! [gallery size="medium" ids="9702,9704,9703,9706,9705"] 2016 SALT CITY PRO BIKINI RESULTS 1. ANGELICA TEIXEIRA *** BODY BY O ANGELS 2. CHRISTIE MARQUEZ *** BODY BY O ANGELS 3. CARYN PAOLINI 4. BREENA MARTINEZ *** BODY BY O ANGELS 5. FRANCESCA LAUREN 6. SAYURI TORRES 7. MARITES MILLER *** BODY BY O ANGELS 8. DANA TRACY 9. KERRYNE BROWN 10. SAMANTHA MAYCOCK 11. TATIANE DEBIQUE 12. STELLA ROBERTS 13. JANICE MURPHY 14. JACLYN WILSON *** BODY BY O ANGELS 15. HEATHER QUINN 16. LAURA SMITH 16. NICOLE MOORE


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