Arya Saffaie Wins 4th Place Trophy @ 2016 IFBB Men's Physique Grand Prix

[gallery ids="9559,9560"] We are so proud of both of our IFBB Men's Physique Pros who competed this weekend at the 2016 IFBB Men's Physique Grand Prix! They did an incredible job with Arya Saffaie winning the 4th Place Trophy & Tony Lynch placing 14th. Awesome guys!!! 2016 IFBB GRAND PRIX MEN'S PHYSIQUE RESULTS 1. JEREMY POTVIN 2. TRISTAN MURRAY 3. JEREMY COLEMAN 4. ARYA SAFFAIE *** Team Body By O 5. ANDRE SMITH 6. TONY DUONG 7. BRETT KAHN 8. TONNELL RODRIGUE 9. T.A. MARTIN 10. DAVID THORPE 11. ARMANDO ARELLANO 12. MOHAMED BOQAMBER 13. JEFFREY VIALU 14. TONY LYNCH *** Team Body By O 15. CLINT VAN DYKE 16. ADON MARCUS 17. TONY TIRADO

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