Body By O Pro Bikini Angels Win 2nd & 4th Place Trophies at the 2016 Arnold's

Congrats to our Body By O Pro Bikini Angels who competed this weekend at the 2016 Arnold Classic! They did an incredible job all placing in top 10 with Justin Munro taking 2nd Place Trophy, Angela Teixeira winning 4th Place Trophy & Narmin Assria placing 7th! Excellent work ladies! [gallery ids="9310,9309,9312"] 1. INDIA PAULINO 2. JUSTINE MUNRO *** Body By O Angels 3. JANET LAYUG 4. ANGELICA TEIXEIRA *** Body By O Angels 5. COURTNEY KING 6. MICHELLE SYLVIA 7. NARMIN ASSRIA *** Body By O Angels SARA BACK MARGRET GNAAR ADRIANA HILL BRANDY LEAVER STEPHANIE MAHOE ANYA ELLS

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