2011 Kentucky Pro Figure

Congrats to all of our IFBB Pro Figure Angels who took part in the 2011 Kentucky Pro Figure this weekend!!!  We are so proud of all of you for competing in such an awesome lineup of Pro Figure Competitors!!!  TRACEY MACDONALD was in the top five at 4th place and CHARMAYNE JACKSON was in the top 10 at 9th place!  Great job to all of our Angels!!!!  Pics coming soon!!! 2011 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure Results:  1. Gennifer Strobo 2. Chelsey Morganstern 3. Candice John 4. TRACEY MCDONALD *** 5. Chikondi Mseka 6. Candice Lewis 7. Kristen Nagrani 8. Tiffany Procopio 9. CHARMAYNE JACKSON *** 10. Mikaila Soto 11. Elisha Archibold 12. Catherine Andersen 13. Vicki Counts 14. JAIME LEE CASH *** 15. CHERI LEWIS *** 16. Becky Clawson 16. Candice Houston 16. Catherine Holland 16. Jennifer Hernandez 16. Marlene Koekemoer 16. Natalie Calland

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