Angel Mindi Smith Wins 2010 Phoenix Pro Figure!

[gallery link="file"] Congrats are in order for all of our amazing IFBB Pro Figure Angels who competed at the Phoenix Pro this weekend!!!  The ladies did an awesome job and special congrats go to Angel Mindi Smith who won the Pro Figure show!!!  Terrific!!! Here's a special message from J.M. Manion regarding Mindi's win: "I want to note a unique accomplishment of Mindi Smith, 2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro Figure & 2009 NPC National Figure overall winner. Mindi Smith is the first reigning NPC National Figure overall winner to enter her IFBB Pro debut & win the overall. This goes all the way back to original 2001 NPC National Figure overall winner Davana Medina. CONGRATULATIONS Mindi on this accomplishment!" Here are full results / pics of ALL the Angels to be added Monday!!!!
FIGURE 1. MINDI SMITH *** 2. Amy O’Neil* 3. Rosa Maria Romero* 4. FELICIA ROMERO *** 5. Jodie Minear 6. ANGELA TERLESKY *** 7. Listy Allen 8. Linda Fodor 9. Crystal Chiles 10. SABRINA GIBSON ***
11. Taylor Waldrop
12. Mendi Sakamoto 13. Ann Titone 14. JAIME MEADE *** 15. Kathleen Tesori 16. Karen Mullarkey 17. MONICA MARK ESCALANTE *** 18. Lynn Cimmino 19. Lydia Haskell 20. Jennifer Herdandez 21. Debbie Patton 22. Tina White 23. Chaundra Tanji

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