2010 Figure Olympia

Our incredible Olympian Angels lit up Las Vegas this weekend at the 45th Anniversary/2010 Olympia!! They all did an absolutely amazing job with special mention going to Nicole Wilkins Lee for earning 2nd Place honors, Heather Mae French earning 3rd Place & Felicia Romero earning 5th Place!!! We are so proud of all these stellar competitors!! [gallery link="file" columns="4"] FULL FIGURE OLYMPIA RESULTS 1. Erin Stern 2. NICOLE WILKINS LEE*** 3. HEATHER MAE FRENCH*** 4. Kristal Richardson 5. FELICIA ROMERO*** 6. Alicia Harris 7. TERESA ANTHONY*** 8. Terri Turner 9. Candice Keene 10. Larissa Reis 11. CHERYL BROWN*** 12. Carin Hawkins 13. Gennifer Strobo 14. Gina Trochino 15. KRISTI TAUTI*** 16. Amy O’Neil 16. Julie Ann Kulla 16. KATINA MAISTRELLIS*** 16. KRISSY CHIN*** 16. MONICA MARK ESCALANTE*** 16. PATRICIA MELLO*** 16. ROSA MARIE ROMERO*** 16. Marcy Porter

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