2010 Contra Costa Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini

Congrats to all Body By O clients who competed at the 2010 Contra Costa in the Men's Bodybuilding, Figure & Bikini Divisions!!!  You all did a terrific job and represented Body By O proudly!!!
Click on MORE for full results of all divisions!!!
Men’s Bodybuilding Overall -  Josh Wade Super Heavyweight 1.  Kali Muscle 2.  Randy Frank 3.  Pierre Van Der Westhuizen 4.  Steven Suthers Heavyweight 1.  Josh Wade 2.  Jeremy Crill 3.  Tom Tickel 4.  Brian Case 5.  Ryan Liming 6.  Spencer Harrison 7.  Herbert Tuutafaiva 8.  Adam Musgrave Light Heavyweight 1.  Jeremy Patterson 2.  Malcolm Tears II 3.  Jake Risk 4.  Darrell Rowland 5.  Edwin Menor 6.  Sean Sangalang 7.  Erick Garcia 8.  Moises Zamora 9.  Chris Brouillard 10.  Brandon Goodwin 11.  Jason Kelly 12.  Marek Piecyk Middleweight 1.  Edgar Petrosian 2.  John Calvo 3.  JASON DELACRUZ *** 4.  Brett Weidner 5.  Kelly Rodriguez 6.  Ace Baldwin 7.  Steven Schaller 8.  Corey Castillo 9.  Milot Xhemaili 10.  Aaron Kellington 11.  Damien Jackson 12.  Ben Frazier 13.  David West 14.  Joe Peera 15.  James Beavis Lightweight 1.  David Garcia 2.  DeWayne Warner 3.  Mario Gutierrez 4.  Devin Tolosa Bantamweight 1.  Randy Salom 2.  Jonathan Perea 3.  Adam Sterud 4.  Fuzzy Ip 5.  Adam Ferber 6.  Tim Smith Figure Overall -  Ciara Cito Class A 1.  Tamara Ashton 2.  Trish Wood 3.  Shawana Kondo 4.  Sarah Gardner 5.  Megan McGraw -  Vanessa Chavez -  Joyce Dabuet -  Terri Mickels -  Paula Williams-Gulman Class B 1.  Cindy Cree 2.  Sharle Killorn 3.  Ariana Kasparian 4.  Grace Bautista 5.  Erika Kikuchi -  Denise Ashford -  Cherie Ayson -  Adriana Cabello -  Nicole Crapotta -  Marisol Fernandez -  Jennifer Phelan -  Marissa Shimada Class C 1.  Kat Shaddix 2.  Maria Rutter 3.  Lorraine Montana 4.  Alyssa Chang 5.  TINA PETERSON *** -  Ann Affinito -  Veronica Brown -  Rachel Dusek -  Julie Fink -  Carrie Fistel -  Brandi Heath-Anderson -  Jean Parker -  Lisa Rooney -  Linda Stevens -  Jamie Wheeler -  Kristy Wilce Class D 1.  Ciara Cito 2.  Christine Chanda 3.  Elizabeth Jenkins 4.  Patty Alisea 5.  Elina Mikitiuk -  Rene Capps -  Marci Colliau -  Judy Kay Class E 1.  Cindy Wilson 2.  Kim Pettitt 3.  MYSTRA TILLOTSON *** 4.  Cyndi Barros 5.  Ellen Pappas 6.  Rachel Owen Class F 1.  Lesley Bodine 2.  Karina Dugand 3.  Jocelyn Harrell 4.  Careen Cadiz 5.  Draga Rutherdale Class A 35+ 1.  Lorraine Montana 2.  Carrie Cocchi 3.  Grace Bautista 4.  Yvonne Hastings 5.  Cindy Cree -  Ann Affinito -  Brandi Anderson -  Denise Ashford -  Joy-Anne Crisologo -  Theresa Lotz -  Terri Mickels -  Jean Parker -  Tina Petersen -  Jennifer Phelan -  Amy Jo Wipf Class B 35+ 1.  Cindy Wilson 2.  Lesley Bodine 3.  MYSTRA TOLLOTSON *** 4.  Paula Stanfield 5.  Cyndi Barros -  Careen Cadiz -  Judy Kay -  Draga Rutherdale Bikini Overall -  Joy Grajo Class A 1.  Joy Grajo 2.  Nicole Sammann 3.  JENNY PHANTHARATH *** 4.  Sheilah Aspsi 5.  Angela Diaz -  Melissa Aycock -  Stephanie Camat -  Christine Ferdinand -  Melissa Ferguson -  Marie Hankins -  Danielle McNamara -  Sheryl Medoza -  Alex Navarro -  Raelene Nicholson -  Nicole Peterson -  LeAnne Quinn -  Melissa Rafferty -  Adrienne Rivas -  Natalie Su -  Donna Tracey -  Christina Marie Wert -  Tesha Wolf Class B 1.  Meegan Cameron 2.  Mary Gines 3.  Gloria Quiming 4.  Elizabeth Gil 5.  Whitney Larson 7. ANA DOSAJ *** -  Melisa Byrd -  Alicia Clark -  Cari Crachiloa -  Lucia Fiorention -  Jaffa Marlene -  Elle Montague -  Maritza Perez -  Christina Perricone -  Rachel Springler -  Nicole Tonfack


  • 5 high quality China Adoption Picture Books

    Why Books Are ImportantSoon after we adopted our child Mollie from China, I began to books at the library that were about China and also about adoption. Other the lovely book the storyline about Ping, in terms of a duck on the Yangtze river who gets lost, I would not find much. It worried me that my daughter might grow up without positive books showing adoption, the far east, And Chinese society. So I have been receiving a quest which has led me to many wonderful books, the perfect picture books I review here.

    These books would be a wonderful gift for any adopted child and are worth purchasing for a home or school library too. truth be told, I think it’s very important for adoptive parents to be pro active in making sure that their school libraries have good books about China for all children to read. The more all children read books that have positive views of China and Chinese characters and culture, The better air will be for our children. So if you buy a copy for yourself, You may would like to get one for a school or classroom library too. most of them are useful not only for adopted children but for any classroom studying Chinese culture and history.

    Daisy Comes HomeLike all of Jan Brett’s concept [url=https://www.bestbrides.net/how-to-know-if-a-chinese-lady-likes-you/]hottest Chinese women[/url] books, This tale is stuffed with lovely pictures of people, creatures, And vendors. Daisy comes home after work tells the story of a hen named Daisy who is picked on by the other chickens in the henhouse. When she settles outside one night by herself in a basket, She has swept away on an adventure reminiscent of the story of Ping, the most important duck. in the operation, Daisy learns to look after herself against monkeys, A water buffalo, And people who wish to eat her. finally, She returns home with the talents to make her own place in the henhouse.

    along with this being a wonderful story about how to gain self confidence against bullies, But the lovely scenery of sales, Rural farmyard and attractive Guilin River (Which Brett visited when writing this book) Makes this story a booty. I like the fact that this is a Chinese story gives a lot of details about living in China, Such as nearly everywhere people ride bicycles, Raise animals then sell in open air markets, Without making those facts what the book is approximately. When my children visited China on a beliefs trip, We saw many facets of life there which made us talk about this book and recall how details of rural Chinese life that are integrated into the story naturally were exactly what we saw on our journey. Lovely story and pictures make this one of my favorites to read to classes of younger kids.

    I do not have Your EyesI haven’t got Your Eyes by Carrie A. Kitze, Is a simple picture book which explains that looking the same as your folks is not what makes a family. This book is very helpful for parents who have children who are being questioned by other children.

    sometimes, Since the pictures in the book don’t focus only on adopted Chinese children but show families with members of a number of races, This book takes the discussion completely to another level. It is concerning the fact that we can be the same inside, And choose to act as a family even if our biology is dissimilar. Since even birth children do not always physically resemble both of their parents, I think this book has a wider software than adoption alone. This book is a very nice gift book and also appropriate for a classroom or school library.

    Ruby’s WishRuby’s Wish by Sophie Blackall is an marvellous true story of a very forthright, keen and independent Chinese girl named Ruby, Who normally wears red. The grandfather and his children and grandchildren all live together in a large family compound, the best hutong. weight lifting does not visited China, We stayed in a hutong in Beijing similar to the one in the story.

    using ten, My little Mollie adored this story, And even as a teen, She still counts it among her most popular picture books. The book has beautiful designs of Ruby and her growing up. I think she loves it because Ruby is such an attractive character. Although she feels constrained by the Chinese culture of her time, Which doesn’t generally value savvy women, Ruby uses hard work and willpower rather than complaining or rebellion to get her wish. you place a wonderful depiction of Ruby’s loving grandfather, Who sees her wish and watches her grow and encourages her grant.

    although she is a girl, Ruby is allowed by her grandfather to attend the lessons taught by the teacher who comes to the house. The grand daddy watches as Ruby progresses better than her brothers and cousins. He notices her pleasurable poem, And he listens when she explains that she wants to go to the University versus get married. On New months Day, Her whole family watches as she opens her red envelope to find a letter from a university which states they are accepting her as one of their first female students. The book ends with a picture of the real Ruby and a remember that "So consequently how Ruby got her wish. the true story. And just how do i know this? well, Ruby is my grandmother, And each single day she still wears a little red,

    The Story About PingThe Story About Ping by Marjorie Flack and highlighted by Kurt Wiese is one I remember from my childhood. When my family took a boat down the Li River two prohibited, We saw anglers with cormorants, Houseboats, And ducks such as the ones in this book. when our Chinese guide taught English to Chinese children, She was not really acquainted with this book, So I sent it to her rrncluding a copy of Daisy (Her status was Daisy) When we got in.

    The Story About Ping was published in 1933 and has wonderful colored pencil drawings of Ping, A duck who lives together with his “Mother and his father and sisters and cousons and aunts and uncles and his forty two cousins” on your "Boat with two wise eyes with regard to Yangtze river, The story of Ping getting that is left behind and living on his own for a day is an enchanting adventure. Every child imagines the liberty of running away and coming home again safely.

    in the process, situation shows some beautiful parts of Chinese river history, the actual cormorants with rings on their necks who dive for fish for their master, And a family which lives on a houseboat and catches Ping for supper.

    Ping escapes when the small boy who caught him sets him free, And your reader feels happy and satisfied for him to find his own boat and run toward it, Willing to take the spank on his back for being the last duck up the boat ramp for being back again, Safe in the family.

    My children have loved the story of Ping and it has allowed us to talk about the history of China and the other ways people have lived there. It has also let’s know more of how important the rivers of China have been to the people and how China developed so early into a world power because of its excellent river system. Ping is a satisfying bedtime story which is beautifully written and lovingly illustrated. It also makes a straightforward comparison to Daisy, Which i am certain Jan Brett had in mind when she was writing her book.

    We See the MoonWe See the Moon by Carrie Kitze was written specifically for Chinese adoptive parents and children. The object of the book is to open up a dialog from a young age between parents and children, Allowing the children to ask queries about their birthparents such as: What do you are similar to? Where are you? And ya think of me? It uses the moon as a tool to help children connect with the family that they think of.

    The back of the book has good info and resources for adoptive parents to look as, As well as some suggestions about creating a Lifebook for your child. The illustrations are Jinshan Peasant Paintings created by Chinese peasants near Shanghai. directly, I love these folk works of art and bought many similar ones when I was in China. My girls love to just states paintings in the book and discuss them. there’s one very poignant one of a wrapped up Chinese baby in a basket with just these words, "Why did you exit me,

    We See the Moon is not an easy book to read through, But it can help adoptive parents tackle a number of the hardest thoughts, a feeling, And doubts.Gloshei, Thanks for visiting. you and Sweetie pie are right. I am a firm advocate for building families through adoption regularly. I grew up only hearing negative stories about adoption and am so happy to know that the young young people I teach feel much more positively. quite a few plan to have adoption in their future.7 prohibited from France

    It’s lovely to think you are occupied with your daughters future. I am sure if you keep looking it easy to see it, Although have not done a bad job so far.

    I agree with, We must not ignore the older children. They will be hard work at first but before too long they will know they are wanted.

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