How To Be Successful in Competition by Claudia Ramirez

How To Be Successful In Competition by Claudia Ramirez/Body By O Bikini Angel

I have been a bikini competitor and champion in my country for about 5 years. Since a young age, I always participated in many sports disciplines; my focus back then was to improve performance and race times.

When bodybuilding came into my life I was amazed because competing involves much more than gym training. At least for a bikini competitor being able to present a complete package on stage includes training, sound nutrition, glamour, stage presence, modeling, etc.

From the years competing I have learned that in order to be successful the following elements must be considered:

  • Planning:  Nothing ever gets to be successful without a plan. This means you have to consider every single detail into account for a minimum of 6 months before your show (is it national? International?). You may not want to get broke $ or in financial debt in the middle of your prep because you did not plan well. This plan should include a complete and detailed scope, specific objectives, budget, hair & makeup, bikini, heels, tanning, nails, jewelry and of course, food and supplementation.
  • Learn everything about stage presence: Being on stage as bikini competitor is about glamour and making your hard gym work glow. Getting the glam for stage is not the same as getting ready for a party, prom or wedding. In this regard, be ready to learn from body language, emotion control, glamour, runway, posing and of course hair & makeup. If you don’t have extraordinary stage skills already, be prepared to invest on posing seminars and pay someone who can do your hair & makeup on the day of the show. Remember the stage is tricky and has powerful, and what may seem exaggerated for you up there may not be noticed at all or make you look unprepared.
  • Be focused: You and only you are the only person who needs to get your training, cardios and nutrition. No one will do it for you, some days your mind will try to convince you to get back to your comfort zone… don’t let it!
  • Enjoy the process: Life can be tough, and it is none sense to whine and complain because of the cardio or the low carbs or any other aspect of your training. When you look back in your life, you may want to remember this show prep as something wonderful that not many people can do even if they love the sport. So, we are blessed enough to be able to do a show prep, so enjoy every day of hard work, every day of low carbs and more cardio. Following your show prep plan with joy will make your attitude shine on stage.

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