Show Look Program Package
Show Look Program Package

Show Look Program Package

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Have you every wanted to achieve the physique of a fitness competitor, but don’t necessarily want to compete in a fitness or bikini competition? Well then the show look program is most likely the program for you. 

Do you have a photoshoot, wedding, vacation, reunion, or just want to rock the best body on the beach? The Body By O "Show Look" Program is designed with those events in mind.

For the past 20 years, this program has helped some of the biggest names in the physique industry reach the pinnacle of competitive success. Prior to beginning this program, Kim offers a free phone consultation to help clarify your goals.

Kim works with clients from around the world, meaning you don’t need to be local to look your absolute best on stage! Kim personally attends to your progress throughout the 12/14/16 week programs through email and phone updates, or in-person follow-up appointments for local residents at the Body By O facility in Temecula, CA.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, the Body By O Show Look Program is perfect who those looking to get in contest shape without ever taking the stage.

The 12-Week Show Look Program includes:

  • Customized Training, Nutrition, Cardio and Supplementation plans
  • Ongoing physique assessments to target strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly email and phone consultations and progress updates
  • Ongoing training, nutrition, cardio and supplementation updates
  • Individualized coaching to help you reach your personal best look
  • Peak week check-ins and final-hour adjustments
  • Post event analysis


Complete the form with your information and a representative will call you within 48 hours to schedule a free consultation with Coach Kim Oddo or call the office direct at 1-951-695-8805.