Common Barriers To Exercise – What’s Holding You Back From Reaching Your Goals?

Tracey Oddo / August 26th, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration

By Lyndsie McDougall I know the struggles of getting on a regular exercise plan and sticking to it. I tried and tried to initiate the process dozens of times over years and years to no avail. It wasn’t that I didn’t have the motivation, I did. It just wasn’t the RIGHT motivation. 

You see, looking…

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How To Be Successful in Competition by Claudia Ramirez

Tracey Oddo / August 17th, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration

How To Be Successful In Competition by Claudia Ramirez/Body By O Bikini Angel I have been a bikini competitor and champion in my country for about 5 years. Since a young age, I always participated in many sports disciplines; my focus back then was to improve performance and race times. When bodybuilding came into my…

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Leslie Lawson:Lost 85 Pounds & Found Passion For Figure Competition

Tracey Oddo / April 25th, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration, Success Stories

Congratulations to Body By O Angel Leslie Lawson on her amazing body transformation. Leslie is a busy mother and wife with a full time job as a realtor. What started out as a simple person training session with Kim Oddo, turned into an all-out passion for fitness with the end result of competing on stage…

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Tracey Oddo / April 21st, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration, Oddo's Advice

KIM ODDO – FIGURE & BIKINI 101: NUTRITION If you’re serious about preparing for a figure or bikini competition, you need to begin by figuring out what works best for you.

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Check Out Awesome Body By O Line of Supplements & Our Amazing Athletes

Tracey Oddo / March 21st, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration, Supplements

Wherever you see the BODY BY O show booth you can purchase our incredible line of custom formulated supplements we offer in a sublingual powder form that tastes awesome! Yummy! Our  team of Body By O athletes can help you find the product right for you! Kim’s DVD & clothing line also available!

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Edel Keenehan – Have Had Great Success Since Working with Kim Oddo

Tracey Oddo / March 9th, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration

  I am so thankful for this man right here, Kim Oddo!  I started working with Kim in February of last year- since then I have had nothing but success and opportunities in the sport of bodybuilding.

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Xavius Gayden – Getting Ready for 2016 Arnold Pro!

Tracey Oddo / February 22nd, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration Read More

The Do’s & Don’ts of Entering “Off Season” Really Mean – NPC Bikini Heather Rickard

Tracey Oddo / January 21st, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Inspiration

What does entering Off Season really mean? “The Do’s and Don’ts of Entering Off Season”

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Xavius Gayden Receives Invite to 2016 Arnolds Pro

Tracey Oddo / January 2nd, 2016 / Posted in Blog, Contest Results, Inspiration

IFBB Men’s Pro Physique & Team Body By O Competitor XAVIUS GAYDEN has received an invitation to compete in the prestigious ARNOLDS PRO CLASSIC 2016!

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