Katya Nosova – IFBB Bikini Pro 

Division/Status:  IFBB Bikini Pro

Height/Competition: 164cm

Age:  27


I was born in town of Ryazan, located in the central Russia. At the age of 16 my parents decided to move to NZ so here I am now living my life in the beautiful city of sails Auckland.

Sport has always been a massive part of my life ever since I started rhythmic gymnastics at the age of seven. I used to be a competitive rhythmic gymnast until the age of 22. The highlight of my career was winning gold while representing New Zealand in the pacific alliance gymnastics championship 2010 in Melbourne. Unfortunately, my repeat injuries forced me to leave the gymnastics scene.

When I quit I felt empty because what once was a huge part of my life was now just a gap in my day. I was desperately trying to find a hobby to fill that gap, but nothing matched the high that competing brought me. A couple of years later I met my now fiancé and he was already into bodybuilding.

In 2013 I joined the gym for the first time ever to help my fiancé achieve his dream of becoming a competitive bodybuilder. Before I knew it I was going to gym twice a day every day and absolutely loving it. I found my passion. I found what I was missing since quitting gymnastics. I am now a competitive bodybuilder and 2017 will be my fourth year competing. I am honored to hold the status of the only New Zealand athlete ever to win at the Arnold Classic USA.

Contest results/Career Highlights: 

  • October 2015 Europa Games IFBB Bikini Pro – 7th Place
  • October 2015 Ft Lauderdale IFBB Bikini Pro – 6th Place
  • March 2015 Arnold Classic Amateur USA 2014 – Bikini Class Winner
  • March 2015 Earned IFBB PRO card
  • March 2015 NZ PRO/AM 2015 – Overall Bikini Champion
  • October 2014 NZ Nationals Overall Bikini Champion
  • August 2014 Auckland Championship – Overall Bikini Champion
  • March 2014 NZ PRO/AM – Overall Bikini Novice Champion

Hometown:   Ryazan, Russia

Current Residence:   Auckland, New Zealand

Favorite Cheat Meal: Burger and chocolate for dessert

Favorite Exercise:  Hip thrusts and kneeling squats.

Best advice I ever received:  Believe in yourself and take risks, because you will always regret what you didn’t do rather than what you did

Website:  www.goldengirlfitness.com

Instagram:  Katya.IFBBPro