Jessica Wilson – IFBB Pro Bikini

**Official Body By O Sponsored athlete

Division/Status:  IFBB Pro Bikini

Height/Competition:  5’ 1” and 3/4

Age: 35


I am a native New Yorker that has finally settled in southern California with my husband, Chris, AND our furry family!!

Along with my career in professional bodybuilding, I am also a practicing veterinarian in Orange County, Ca.  I discovered weightlifting as a way to address major stressors during my residency training in Dentistry and Oral Surgery.  As my passion for weight training grew, I decided I wanted to take the leap and do my first NPC bikini competition 3 years ago and I have never looked back!

my decision to start competing in bodybuilding has improved my quality of life as a medical professional and a person in general.

I am extremely grateful for being a part of this sport.  My coach, Kim Oddo, and all of my teammates are truly family.  being able to inspire others through this platform definitely keeps my enthusiasm for the sport alive!

Contest results/Career Highlights:

  • NPC career highlights
  • 2014 Musclecontest Iron Games – NPC – 1st place in Bikini Class B (Open)
  • 2015 Spectrum Fitness Productions Governors Cup – NPC – 3rd Place in Bikini Class B (Open)
  • 2015 MuscleContest USAs – 2nd place Bikini B – IFBB pro status achieved
  • IFBB Career Highlights
  • 2016 Musclecontest Pacific usas – 5th
  • 2016 wings of strength rising pheonix – 3rd

Hometown: NYC

Current Residence:  Huntington Beach, California

Favorite Body By O Product:  Cortisol Complex

Favorite Cheat Meal:  sweet potato fries!!!

Favorite Exercise:  shoulder press, abductor with glute focus

Best advice I ever received:  This sport should enhance my life, not detract from it.  Whenever i feel overwhelmed, this comes to mind and helps me rebalance.

Instagram: JessFitVet