Christina Sanchez – IFBB Bikin Pro


Division/Status: IFBB Bikini pro

Height/Competition: 5’2, stage weight is 105.

Age: 23

Bio: Christina has an associate’s degree and is currently majoring in psychology at CSUSB. She started her fitness journey in late November 2014 and excelled at the sport. She competed at her first national show under Kim Oddo’s guidance and obtained her IFBB pro card.

Contest results/Career Highlights:

  • Fitworld bikini champion 2015
  • Nor Cal champion 2016
  • Nationals class winner, obtaining IFBB pro card.

Hometown: Beaumont, CA

Current Residence: Beaumont, CA

Favorite Body By O Product: Pre-workout complex, tastes soo yummy, & there is no crash!!

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza

Favorite Exercise: lunges & hamstring curls

Best advice I ever got: When you feel like quitting, think about why you started