Arya Saffaie – IFBB Pro Men’s Physique


Division: Mens Physique

Height/Competition: 5’7

Age: 34

Bio:  Started weight training in high school when I was 15. My first show wasn’t until I was 30 years old. Fitness helped me with discipline and motivation in all aspects of my life.

Contest results/Career Highlights:

  • Turned Pro in 3 months
  • Placed 1st in all amateur shows
  • 2x Pro Winner
  • 2x Olympia

Hometown: Redondo Beach

Current Residence: Redondo Beach

Favorite Body By O Product: Post-workout complex

Favorite Cheat Meal: Pizza

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press

Best advice I ever got: Be goal oriented

Instagram: Arya Saffaie