Alexandra Reardon – IFBB Bikini Pro

Division/Status: IFBB Bikini

Height/Competition: 5’7”

Age: 26

Bio: Born and raised in San Diego, I received my B.S. in Math and B.A in Spanish from UCSB graduating in 2013. post graduation, I moved to orange county area and joined a gym! what first became a daily habit post full-time job became a passion! after about two years of weight training, I decided to compete in my first bikini show thanks to my now-fiance who competes also. I have competed in seven total shows, five of which with Body by O! Outside of competing, I work full-time as a project manager and enjoy long romantic walks through Yogurtland!

Contest results/Career Highlights:

  • NPC SPartan X 2015 – Novice overall, 2nd class e
  • NPC Cal State 2015 – 1st place class E
  • NPC Cal State 2016 – 1st place class e, overall bikini
  • NPC Spectrum Norcal – 1st place class E
  • Jr Nationals – 6th place class e
  • NPC USAs – 1st place class e, ifbb pro card awarded
  • IFBB Pacific USAs – Participant – 13th

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Current Residence: Irvine, CA

Favorite Body By O Product: Cortisol Complex

Favorite Cheat Meal: burger & sweet potato fries! and all sweets

Favorite Exercise: hip thrusts

Best advice I ever received: “You have got to keep showing up. if you stop now, they’re not going to miss you. you are going to miss them. i know you have more in you to keep going, but you have to make that choice” –Papa Kimbo right after Jr Nationals feeling defeated I didn’t make top 5. went on to earn my pro card!

Instagram: fitalex__

IFBB Pro Alex Reardon featured in August 2016 Oxygen Fitness Magazine.