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  • Bikini Body DVD

    Better Bikini Body DVD By Kim Oddo

    Super Trainer KIM ODDO has guided hundreds of elite physique competitors to win the most prestigious competitions in the world! NOW you can experience Kim’s Elite Competition Training Program for yourself as he shares [...]

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  • post workout complex


    Every athlete knows that the majority of muscle growth occurs during rest, which becomes the most critical time for supplement intake. The Body By O Post-Workout Complex was engineered as an essential supplement for musc [...]

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  • preworkout complex


    The Body By O Pre-Workout Complex was engineered to change your weight-training game before you even step into the gym. No matter what fitness regimen you follow, the Pre-Workout Complex uses a methodical combination of [...]

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  • nutrition__main_content_244x334

    Nutrition Program Package

    A three-phase nutrition-only plan tailored to your specific goal, lifestyle and activity level. [...]

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  • performance__main_content_244x334

    Performance Program Package

    The cutting-edge plan to help you achieve your peak performance level regardless of age, gender or skill. [...]

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  • transformation_244x334

    Body Transformation Program Package

    Whether you are looking to gain muscle, lose fat, get lean and defined or all of the above, this is the option for you. [...]

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  • offseason_advantage_244x334

    Offseason Advantage Program Package

    Championship-winning physiques aren’t built overnight. Perfect for competitors who want to keep improving their physique and stay in shape all year. [...]

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  • fitness_goal_244x334

    Competition Prep Program Package

    The gold standard of contest prep programs in the health and fitness industry. The go-to option if you’re looking for the winning edge in your next contest. No refunds are available on program packages. [...]

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