Price: $349

You can’t get in the best shape of your life without the putting the right foods in your body. If you think you have the training aspect covered but still can’t seem to build your ideal body, then the Body By O Nutrition Program is the option for you!

Kim makes sure each Nutrition Program caters to your individual goals, lifestyle and activity level. Take the guesswork out of the equation and watch your body change faster than you ever imagined!

The 12-Week Nutrition Program is broken up into three phases, so you won’t have to worry about hitting a progress-stalling plateau.


“I’ve been involved with fitness and a healthy diet my entire life, but I never would have guessed there was so much more to learn. Kim’s nutrition plan has really helped take my physique to the next level. He customizes it to my body and to my specific goals. Just when I think I’ve peaked, I come back even better the next time!”

– Arya Saffaie, IFBB Men’s Physique Pro