Danielle Lipski –  IFBB Bikini Pro


Division/Status: IFBB Bikin pro

Height/Competition: 5’5

Age: 27


Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona. I moved to Los Angeles to pursue a modeling career in swimsuit and fashion. As I gained international recognition and success in various publications, I knew I wanted to make more of myself. I moved to San Diego just after 2 years of being in LA where I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and honed in on my skills in web-design and marketing.

I have always had a passion for living a healthy lifestyle and competition; growing up I was gymnast and dancer and recreationally played sports like beach volleyball, swim, and surfing. My passion for bodybuilding didn’t develop until I met my boyfriend Kevin, where he was an NPC Men’s Physique competitor.

I went to Kim after my 7th place finish at USA’s. I always did well competing but I just couldn’t break top 5 at a National show. I knew in order to turn pro I had to go to the best of the best in the industry.

He took me on 7 weeks out from Miami Nationals and what he did to my body in that time frame is just unbelievable. Everything about his training was different from what I was used to. His training style was much slower and controlled. His nutrition plan was like one I’ve never seen before eating more than I ever thought imaginable while on prep. All in all, he took a decent competitor and turned her into an IFBB PRO. I can’t thank this man enough for all that he has done for me in this industry. We haven’t even touched the surface in what we can accomplish together and I can confidently say I will be on that Olympia stage in 2018 because of his guidance.

Contest results/Career Highlights:


  • Border States (Oct 2015)- 2nd
  • Ultimate Warriors (Nov 2015) – Overall Winner
  • Miami Nationals (Nov 2015) -12th


  • The California Championships (May 2016) – 1st
  • USA’s (July 2016) 7th
  • Miami Nationals (Nov 2016) – 2nd; IFBB PRO


Currently 8 weeks pregnant so will be on prep for a healthy baby this year! I will hit the stage early in 2018 and make a run at the Olympia then. Follow my pregnancy journey on my YouTube channel as I vlog the entire process and workouts for each trimester.

Hometown: Phoenix, ARIZONA

Current Residence: LAS VEGAS, NEVADA

Favorite Body By O Product: His training and the cortisol complex is amazing too.

Favorite Cheat Meal: burger and sweet potato fries

Favorite Exercise: Lateral raises or sumo squats (PRETTY MUCH ANYTHING DELTS OR GLUTES FOCUSED)

Best advice I ever got: there’s always going to be someone willing to work harder than you. hard work will always out weigh talent. work like someone is trying to take everything you’ve ever worked for away from you.